New Warehouse Design? Tips on How to Label Warehouse Racking

Whether it’s an expansion, a new building or a WMS implementation, you may be required to come up with a warehouse racking numbering system for your...

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Four Key WMS Elements That Need Continuous Maintenance

You shouldn’t just install a WMS and expect that it will function without oversight. Your WMS is a complex system that requires regular maintenance....

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Trivia - June 2017


Jacques Cartier Bridge: A True Iron Giant

Montreal’s flagship project for its 375th anniversary and Canada’s 150th anniversary is the recently...

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What can go wrong when investing in supply chain infrastructure?

Supply Chain Infrastructure consists of:

  • Facilities required to process, manufacture, store and distribute products
  • Equipment required to process,...
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The Real Cost of a WMS Implementation

Warehouse Management Systems are necessary components of supply chain infrastructure in the 21st century. Whether you are in the market for the first...

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Every Facility Should have an Up-to-date Warehouse Layout

When we start a project, we’re never surprised to find out that the client doesn’t have up-to-date or complete plans of their warehouse. Very few...

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UniPro Scope Conference: May 15-17, 2017

LIDD will participate for the fifth consecutive time in this year’s UniProOperations Summit. Every year, LIDD has the privilege of helping more and...

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Re-profiling vs. Finger-printing: A Warehouse Racking Layout Dilemma


I was recently working on a project for an large foodservice distributor who wanted to serve a new client out of an empty area in one of its...

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What Does a Project Commissioner Do?

It’s a long journey from developing plans for a new distribution center to actually settling into a functional building – and even harder to manage...

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Why to Avoid 9’ Aisles in Your Warehouse Racking Layout

I recently wrote two blog posts on fitting pallet racking layouts within building columns of different sizes (see my post on 40’ columns spans and my...

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