3 Most Common Pitfalls of a WMS Implementation Process

June 27, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

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Selecting and implementation a warehouse management system is a complex project. From LIDD’s years of experience helping companies choose and install systems, here are the three most common pitfalls we see during implementations: 

1. A project is under-resourced
Most people underestimate the amount of work it takes to set up and configure a new WMS. The data cleaning and data populating alone is a large task.

2. Glossing over basic set up and configuration
As a project rushes to meet a deadline basic setup and configuration often get overlooked, which is a huge mistake. Teams spend too great a proportion of their time on integration and system modifications

3. Not fully understanding the functionality of a WMS
If you don’t understand how the system really works until it’s up and running, you may fail to implement or configure the system in exactly the right way.

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