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Trivia - February 2018

Water transport has been used since our ancient ancestors. Whether it was for the exchange of goods, communal transport or delivery of raw materials,...

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Trivia - January 2018

Through time, icebreaker ships have been used for various purposes such as exploration, exchange of goods and transportation. This month’s trivia quiz...

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Trivia - December 2017

The Roman Empire is one of history’s greatest civilizations partly because of their awe-inspiring infrastructure. This month’s trivia quiz takes you...

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Trivia - November 2017

This month’s trivia looks back to the early years of tools and machines that helped raise or lift up people or materials.

Enjoy this month’s quiz!

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Trivia - October 2017


Not so long ago, air transport was considered a luxury for the elite. A lot has changed since then. Nowadays hopping on a plane is just as close as a...

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LIDD Consultants Announces Appointment of Mathieu Galipeau as Project Director

Montreal – October 20, 2017 – LIDD is please to announce that Mathieu Galipeau has been appointed Project Director of LIDD’s warehouse management...

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LIDD Consultants at IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference Oct 15 – 17, 2017

LIDD Supply Chain Consultants will be at booth #744 at this year’s IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference. LIDD has the honour of helping a growing...

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LIDD Experts Present at NAVUG Summit in Nashville, Oct 10-13

LIDD is a proud sponsor of NAVUG Summit 2017. Jean-Martin Roux and Kim Congleton, LIDD’s WMS and ERP practice leaders, will be exhibiting at booth #325...

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Trivia - August 2017

Canada is renowned for welcoming visitors and newcomers from around the world. Residents and visitors alike thrill to the enormous, impressive...

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Supply Chain and Logistics Trivia - July 2017

This year marks 150 years since Confederation, and the Canadian government is inviting everyone to come celebrate Canada’s linguistic, cultural and...

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