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LIDD Expands Services with Emerging Brands Studio

There is an emerging class of young consumers leading a revolution in the food & beverage industry:

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How Supply Chain Infrastructure Affects Your Performance

Your supply chain infrastructure is at the heart of your business. Its productivity and efficiency help dictate capacity and revenue potential. Here...

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Emerging Consumers are Disrupting for the Food & Beverage Landscape

This is not the rant of a grey-haired, paunched boss complaining about distracted and indifferent millennials. The youngest members of the LIDD team...

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Tips for Selecting a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

There are 5 basic steps to follow when selecting a new WMS:

  1. Clearly define needs
  2. Identify potential solutions
  3. Create & issue RFP
  4. Shortlist solutions...
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In Network Design & Optimization, Neglect Infrastructure At Your Peril!

Two interesting articles published recently discuss the challenges confronting consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers as the retail landscape...

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Two Main Objectives When Designing Your Pick Line

Balancing Two Main Objectives When Designing Your Pick Line

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WMS Functionality: Task Planning

A WMS doesn’t just record completed transactions. It should let you plan the timing and priority of upcoming warehouse tasks. With a solid WMS,...

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Three Guidelines for Planning Supply Chain Infrastructure That Lasts


Supply chain infrastructure is the backbone of a distribution business. Keep these three guidelines in mind when planning and coordinating...

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Risks of a Poor WMS Selection Process

WMS selection requires a comprehensive process that must both meet the company’s current needs and enable business growth. LIDD’s team has guided...

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Selecting the Right Warehouse Software

This LIDD Case study shares how LIDD’s supply chain consultants helped a grocery retailer sustain its rapid growth by investing in the right IT...

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