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In Network Design & Optimization, Neglect Infrastructure At Your Peril!

February 07, 2018 BY Charles Fallon

Two interesting articles published recently discuss the challenges confronting consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers as the retail landscape...

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Two Main Objectives When Designing Your Pick Line

January 09, 2018 BY Charles Fallon

Balancing Two Main Objectives When Designing Your Pick Line

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WMS Functionality: Task Planning

December 06, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

A WMS doesn’t just record completed transactions. It should let you plan the timing and priority of upcoming warehouse tasks. With a solid WMS,...

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Three Guidelines for Planning Supply Chain Infrastructure That Lasts

November 29, 2017 BY Charles Fallon


Supply chain infrastructure is the backbone of a distribution business. Keep these three guidelines in mind when planning and coordinating...

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Risks of a Poor WMS Selection Process

November 22, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

WMS selection requires a comprehensive process that must both meet the company’s current needs and enable business growth. LIDD’s team has guided...

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Selecting the Right Warehouse Software

November 07, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

This LIDD Case study shares how LIDD’s supply chain consultants helped a grocery retailer sustain its rapid growth by investing in the right IT...

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Improving At-Stop Productivity of Drivers

November 02, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

Continuous improvement is necessary to provide a good customer experience. LIDD shares how it helped a client increase delivery productivity and...

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Math Secrets Behind Subscription-Based Distribution Models

October 31, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

One important evolution in e-commerce has been the proliferation of subscription-based business models. From meal kits to dive-bar t-shirts,...

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Direct-to-Consumer Distribution Can Be a Whole New World

August 23, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

This case study shares how LIDD’s supply chain consultants helped a traditional retailer optimize its new and growing direct-to-consumer...

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Warehouse Slotting: Three Factors to Consider

August 16, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

Warehouse slotting – or calculating where to place each item in your warehouse for maximum efficiency – is a large undertaking that requires...

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