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Distribution Network Design

Without stepping back to look at your entire supply chain, it’s easy to let it slip out of control, leak money and handicap your market position. It’s...

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Warehouse Slotting – A fundamental organizing principal in a DC

Re-engineering a pick line to optimize warehouse slotting has far-reaching effects on labor productivity and quality. While it may be tedious to reset...

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Finding Hidden Warehouse Capacity

Warehouse storage capacity constraints can arise for a variety of reasons. LIDD’s supply chain expert Charles Fallon shares how he helped a client...

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Conserving Capital in a Clever Warehouse Design

When it’s time to revamp your operation, how do you figure out the right warehouse design plan? In this case study from a LIDD client, Charles Fallon...

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3 Most Common Pitfalls of a WMS Implementation Process

Selecting and implementation a warehouse management system is a complex project. From LIDD’s years of experience helping companies choose and install...

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Four Key WMS Elements That Need Continuous Maintenance

You shouldn’t just install a WMS and expect that it will function without oversight. Your WMS is a complex system that requires regular maintenance....

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What can go wrong when investing in supply chain infrastructure?

Supply Chain Infrastructure consists of:

  • Facilities required to process, manufacture, store and distribute products
  • Equipment required to process,...
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The Real Cost of a WMS Implementation

Warehouse Management Systems are necessary components of supply chain infrastructure in the 21st century. Whether you are in the market for the first...

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Why Understanding Capacity is Fundamental to Warehouse Design

Few concepts are more fundamental to warehouse design than understanding a facility’s capacity. But capacity is more than just a distribution center’s...

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Three Dimensions of Warehouse Space Requirements

When trying to figure out how tall, wide and deep a warehouse should be, you need to address three key considerations

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