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Multi-story Warehouses Make a Comeback

The typical ninetenth century warehouse was a multistory building. Early in the 20th century forklifts were invented. By the 1950’s they were widely in...

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Operating Capacity for Pallet Racks

An online search for warehouse storage capacity generates an array of different methods to calculate and express the cubic volume that can be stored in...

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How 3D CAD Modelling is Useful in Warehouse Design

Distribution center and warehouse layout design is dominated by the “right” angle – 90 degrees – known as the right angle for being correct for so many...

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Pallet Racking Layouts for Irregular Shapes and Sizes

Most of the warehouse racking layouts we create or work on at LIDD can be described as standard, meaning:

  • Reach trucks are used to store standard 40”...
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Every Facility Should have an Up-to-date Warehouse Layout

When we start a project, we’re never surprised to find out that the client doesn’t have up-to-date or complete plans of their warehouse. Very few...

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Why to Avoid 9’ Aisles in Your Warehouse Racking Layout

I recently wrote two blog posts on fitting pallet racking layouts within building columns of different sizes (see my post on 40’ columns spans and my...

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Warehouse Racking Layouts for Buildings with Wide Column Spacing

In his first post on column spans, LIDD’s warehouse layout expert Steve Zerter explained why 40’ column spacing is ideal for a pure single-deep...

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Why 40’ Building Column Spacing is Ideal for Warehouse Racking Layouts

Having worked for more than a couple of decades as a DC designer / layout specialist, my most common task has been to fit rack and aisle layouts into...

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Low Level Order Pickers

A distribution facility has reached the point where no more slots can be squeezed into the pick line. Floor pallets or shelving units have been crammed...

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