Beverage Distribution

From specialized, boutique wine distributors to high-volume wholesalers of beer, spirits and wine.  LIDD has done it and can help you.

The adult beverage market has undergone major changes over the past twenty years:

  • Beer manufacturing has become a global business, making thousands of brands newly available to consumers
  • Per capita wine consumption has grown steadily in the United States, and while not yet consumed at the same per capita levels as Canada, this growth has made the United States the world’s largest wine market.  Increasingly sophisticated consumers are demanding a wider range of wine than ever before, with distributors reaching to all corners of the wine producing world to satisfy that demand
  • The emergence of craft distilleries and the introduction of a wide-range of novelty flavors has greatly expanded a typical distributor’s spirits offering

Moreover, adult beverage distributors have become keenly aware of the long-term benefits of ergonomic materials handling processes to keep worker productive throughout a shift and avoid costly, painful injuries.  Case pack reductions mean a reduced lifting burden for pickers and other warehouse crew; but they also mean more labor and lower productivity.

Since early 2010, LIDD has been highly active in the adult beverage distribution industry:

Distribution Center Designs

  • LIDD has designed two greenfield distribution centers and re-engineered two other facilities; the combined footprint of these facilities exceed 1 million square feet
  • The designs included ergonomic considerations through all labor functions of the distribution center as well as the replenishment work performed in retail locations supported by the distribution centers
  • LIDD has designed bottle picking operations to support restaurants/hotels/institutions as well as eCommerce B2C environments

Warehouse Management Systems

  • LIDD has been involved in the selection and implementation of new warehouse management systems for spirits and wine wholesalers

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