eCommerce & Multi-channel Retail Distribution

A recent white paper by Jones Lang Lasalle Research gives a nice overview of how emerging technologies – mainly the mobile web and social media – are empowering consumers in their purchasing habits and increasing their expectations towards the retail experience.

Retailers and distributors alike must adapt quickly to this complex environment as boundaries between physical stores & online shopping and domestic & international sourcing are being blurred.

Many innovative operating methods will support the distribution infrastructure of these transformed supply chains, but before going for the latest trend and spending vast amounts of capital, whether it’s in automation, near-shoring (i.e. relocating production closer to demand points) or any other approach, it is crucial to really understand how this will impact your organization.  All agree that eCommerce’s influence on retail operations will continue to be one of the main driving factors, but an organization's reality might dictate specific distribution requirements that are more “traditional” & “conventional” – flexibility and agility of the supply chain is the key to success.

You can read “Retail 3.0” here.

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