Food Distribution

From retail distribution to foodservice to home-delivery systems.  LIDD has done it and can help you.

Whether you ship food to retail stores, restaurants and institutions or make home deliveries, LIDD has designed distribution centers, optimized distribution networks and developed programs to improve operations productivity.

Some of the unique features of food distribution include:

  • High-volumes and low-margins in an intensely competitive marketplace.  Distribution productivity and cost controls are top priorities
  • Food safety and quality means strict and complex temperature requirements.  Field-to-fork traceability and rapid recall capabilities are a must
  • Ever improving inventory turns and the supply chain strategies to make that happen without compromising fill rates
  • SKU proliferation to meet the demands of an increasingly fragmented customer base

Since early 2010, LIDD has been highly active in many segments of the food distribution industry:

In Foodservice

In Food Retail

In eCommerce

  • Working with the premier eCommerce grocer in North America, LIDD has been engaged in developing materials handling systems to help boost distribution capacity and improve labor productivity in a very high-volume piece pick environment

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