LIDD Expands Services with Emerging Brands Studio

August 28, 2018 BY Charles Fallon


There is an emerging class of young consumers leading a revolution in the food & beverage industry:

  • they are digitally native;
  • they care deeply about the nutritional value of the calories they consume and
  • they judge a product based on its supply chain and environmental footprint.

Every year, these consumers become a larger portion of total spending in the industry and their impact has already begun to shake the foundations of grocery retail, foodservice and food processing. Everyone must adapt or accept a future of steady, if not precipitous decline.

Over the past three years, LIDD has increasingly helped our clients solve many of the challenges that these emerging consumers present.

With the challenges growing in scale and speed, LIDD is excited to launch a new strategy consultancy, the Emerging Brands Studio, from our Los Angeles offices. The Studio will help our clients develop strategies that resonate with these consumers, such as new products, delivery channels and retail concepts.

The Studio is led by managing directors, Sean Butler and Steven Vigilante:

  • Sean has a track record of turning food tech concepts into viable businesses, from his success with healthy-snack vending machine company Lean Box, to meal-kit company CHEF’D’s entry into retail, which he took from launch to 1,000 retail locations in less than 8 months.
  • Steven has been working with emerging food brands from the investor perspective since his time at CircleUp, a venture capital fund focused on early-stage growth. His deep knowledge of both the food tech and venture capital industries put him at the heart of many successful product launches.

Like the wider LIDD practice, what sets the Studio apart is its ability to execute on a strategy. When LIDD makes a recommendation, our clients know that we can be called on to implement that recommendation and deliver the promised results. The Studio has the same ferocious focus on building sustainable value, quickly and on budget.

Learn more about EBS and its services through this link.