LIDD Launches NetSuite Practice

October 05, 2018 BY Ben VanderBeek


Montreal – October 5, 2018

LIDD is pleased to announce the launch of a new NetSuite-focused practice, to supplement its strong logistics engineering, real estate, WMS and Microsoft Dynamics ERP practices. The growing team consists of NetSuite-certified resources with years of ERP experience in the food manufacturing, distribution and ecommerce industries.

“With an increasing number of LIDD customers using NetSuite, there is a clear demand for services to help better leverage the platform,” says LIDD Principal Jean-Martin Roux. “With its cloud infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service pricing model, NetSuite is a great fit for many companies LIDD works with.”

LIDD’s NetSuite team provides a variety of services. Some clients enlist LIDD’s help to integrate a best-of-breed WMS solution, such as Generix Solochain or Highjump, into NetSuite, which manages core financial functions. LIDD helps other clients decide where standard NetSuite modules will meet their needs, and which 3rd party apps and add-ons they should use. “It can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming to try to navigate the NetSuite 3rd party ecosystem,” says Ben VanderBeek, Director of LIDD’s NetSuite practice. “Our clients appreciate getting to partner with a team who has direct experience selecting the right solutions, whether it’s demand planning, warehousing and manufacturing, or EDI integrations.”

At a holistic level, LIDD advises clients on best practices and general optimization, often identifying opportunities for improvement and efficiency gains that clients don’t even know to ask for.

LIDD’s overall ERP practice, including subject matter experts in Microsoft Dynamics, continues to grow and add value for its clients, complementing the rest of LIDD’s thriving Supply Chain practices.

About LIDD Supply Chain Intelligence

LIDD provides advice to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to assist them in making better capital investment decisions regarding their logistics and supply chain infrastructure. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure our recommendations are firmly rooted in facts and not rules-of-thumb or gut-feels. With a strong focus on knowledge transfer, we reduce cost and complexity by developing solutions that can be easily deployed within new or existing operational environments.

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