NAVUG Summit: October 16th, 2015 in Reno, NV

August 12, 2015 BY LIDD
See How Your WMS Stacks Up Against NAVUG Peers

You know how important IT infrastructure and warehouse management systems are for your business. What isn't readily available is an understanding of how well you are being served by your current systems - both in terms of key functionality in your operations and how you stack up compared to your peers.

That's why we developed a Distribution Tools & WMS Assessment Study and set out this summer to survey NAVUG members as a whole and by sub-sector of activity (e.g. foodservice vs. c-store distribution). Participants will receive a customized report evaluating the current strengths and weaknesses of their warehouse management systems and showing them how well they are doing relative to best-in-class companies.

LIDD's Jean-Martin Roux will be sharing the findings and overall WMS Survey results on Friday, October 16th, 2015 (2:15 pm - 3:15 pm) at the NAVUG Summit in Reno, NV. Kim Congleton from NAVUG Member Group O will then share her story of how their operations have evolved and how they've used WMS technologies to support their growth.

Don't miss this opportunity to understand how well your technology is serving your operations and what you can do to lower operating costs.

Call us today at (514) 933-8777 ext. 110 or complete the form below to schedule a time for us to meet during the conference.  In the meantime, make sure to download this eBook "Keys to a Successful Warehouse Management System: How to evaluate your WMS vs other solutions on the market".

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