eCommerce Integration: Designing Your Distribution Infrastructure

When introducing e-commerce into your DC, you’ll need to consider pick line configuration. While some instances may warrant picking web orders through...

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LIDD to Host 2nd Annual Forum on Supply Chain Infrastructure

The LIDD Forum brings together supply chain executives every year to learn from each others’ successes and challenges in developing the buildings,...

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Build Flexibility Into Your Distribution Operation

A startup food manufacturer planned to sell its new product as a subscription service direct to consumers online, sending customers a box of food on a...

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Trivia - May 2018

Conveyor belts are considered an integral part of many production lines. Originally they were invented to transport bulk items like grains, coal and...

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Institute a Sales & Operations Planning Process from the Start

Imagine you’re running an online grocery store. The marketing department puts raspberries on sale in July when they’re plentiful. Customers order them...

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Shipping to Customers: Courier vs. Truck Load Deliveries

As a recent addition to the LIDD team, I learned about TL, LTL and courier shipping methods and their processing differences. TL means “truckload”...

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WMS Deployment Plans: Perfect on Paper isn’t Enough

As any IT project approaches its implementation date, you often hear people ask, “Is the system going to be ready for Go-Live?” But this is a...

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eCommerce Integration: Define Your Customer

When planning to transition your business from a wholesale/retailer model to an e-commerce business model, it is best to start with the end in mind –...

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Jumping into a Long-Term Relationship: How to Select a 3PL for Distribution

Selecting a 3PL (third-party logistics company) for your distribution operation is a big decision. You’re giving someone else control of part of your...

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Tips for Selecting a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

There are 5 basic steps to follow when selecting a new WMS:

  1. Clearly define needs
  2. Identify potential solutions
  3. Create & issue RFP
  4. Shortlist solutions...
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