What Story Does Your Warehouse Data Tell?

I completed my engineering degree at the University of Toronto in the summer of 2015 and was ready to face the real world.

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Pretty soon, every warehouse in the world will be a 3PL

Logistics has been dramatically transformed in the information age.  The ability to collect and transmit data; to build logic using that data to direct...

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ROI - Return on Illusion

A recent meeting with a prospective client had me wondering about the wisdom of where venture capitalists park their money.

They were working with no...

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Consignment would be expensive, says the SAQ

An article published in La Presse presents a study done by LIDD in regards to infrastructure requirements for recycling glass in the Province of Québec...

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Target's Canadian Collapse - A Supplier's Perspective

It’s hard to imagine that when 2015 comes to a close, people won’t point to Target’s Canadian collapse as one of the year’s biggest business stories. ...

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GUEST BLOG: How Does Automation Improve Distribution Center Productivity?

LIDD welcomes Scott Stone, e-business manager at materials handling provider Cisco-Eagle.  Scott has some thought provoking things to say about...

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5 Things Every Supply Chain Professional Should Know About Infrastructure

Here are 5 things every supply chain professional should know about infrastructure in 2015:

  1. Supply Chain Infrastructure are the buildings, equipment...
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Amazon’s Robots and the Genius of a 44 Year Payback

Amazon’s robots are getting flattering press.  And for good reason: they’re the cutest darned things.

Well, that’s not fair.  According to Amazon,...

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Implementing a WMS Reality Check

Simply Google ‘WMS implementation stats’ and you will find alarming numbers about the reality of WMS implementations. Too many are delivered behind...

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Amazon Hires 10,000 Robots

Geekwire reports (link to article) that Amazon plans to add 10,000 KIVA robots to its distribution centers by the end of the year.

If you don’t know...

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