Rail vs. Truck Shipments

Over long distances, shipping by rail will be cheaper, faster and less carbon-intensive than trucking. Almost any consumer good, including...

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Optimizing Your Store-Delivery Network: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I described three store delivery-channels that you can incorporate into your supply-chain network: centralized distribution...

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Optimizing Your Store-Delivery Network: Part 1

I recently had a conversation with a friend who works in the premium-watch retail industry about the delivery channels his company uses to get...

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Grocers as Food Curators – The secret weapon in online success

Whenever the subject of online groceries comes up, whether in supply chain publications, the mainstream media or just casual conversations among...

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The Apple Watch is [almost] here


The Apple Watch is [almost] here.  Hooray! Another gadget for our multi-device connected lifestyles.

Whether you...

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Road Trip Follows Strawberries Across the U.S. - by Nat. Geo.

As consumers, we do not always realize what is the magnitude of the infrastructure required to support the distribution of our everyday purchases.


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Canada Post and the Value of Delivery Operations

The Canadian federal government recently announced that it will soon eliminate all door-to-door deliveries, even in urban areas (an idea which is...

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Did Amazon Just Jump the Shark?

In a gushing profile last week on 60 Minutes, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos announced that the company planned to deliver stuff in 30 minutes or less using...

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Thank a Distributor for the Food on Your Plate

IFDA’s annual Distribution Solutions Conference starts this weekend in Orlando.  As it happens, that’s Canadian Thanksgiving too.  So while my family...

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The World's Longest Delivery

There's a greasy spoon on the Maine coast that serves the best Irish Benny (picture eggs Benedict with cornbeef hash in lieu of ham).  We were there...

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