Lessons From Seoul

I'm now safely returned from a business trip to wonderful Seoul, Korea. The city is vibrant and beautifully provocative - a journey I would recommend...

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Distribution Network Design

Without stepping back to look at your entire supply chain, it’s easy to let it slip out of control, leak money and handicap your market position. It’s...

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What can go wrong when investing in supply chain infrastructure?

Supply Chain Infrastructure consists of:

  • Facilities required to process, manufacture, store and distribute products
  • Equipment required to process,...
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Optimizing Your Store-Delivery Network: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I described three store delivery-channels that you can incorporate into your supply-chain network: centralized distribution...

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Optimizing Your Store-Delivery Network: Part 1

I recently had a conversation with a friend who works in the premium-watch retail industry about the delivery channels his company uses to get...

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Why should I care how my 3PL distribution is run?

The Director of Logistics at one of our new clients asked me this question recently.

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Pretty soon, every warehouse in the world will be a 3PL

Logistics has been dramatically transformed in the information age.  The ability to collect and transmit data; to build logic using that data to direct...

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Consignment would be expensive, says the SAQ

An article published in La Presse presents a study done by LIDD in regards to infrastructure requirements for recycling glass in the Province of Québec...

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The Apple Watch is [almost] here


The Apple Watch is [almost] here.  Hooray! Another gadget for our multi-device connected lifestyles.

Whether you...

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Target's Canadian Collapse - A Supplier's Perspective

It’s hard to imagine that when 2015 comes to a close, people won’t point to Target’s Canadian collapse as one of the year’s biggest business stories. ...

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