A Guide to Establishing an eCommerce Purchasing Processing

Starting any business requires a cyclic purchase of assets that would eventually turn in profit. Holding and protecting your precious trade working...

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Direct-to-Consumer Distribution Can Be a Whole New World

This case study shares how LIDD’s supply chain consultants helped a traditional retailer optimize its new and growing direct-to-consumer distribution...

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Roller Skates vs Modern Pick-Line Design


Pickers roller skated between departments at the Montgomery Ward Catalog House. Photo Credit: 600 West Management


Recently, I enjoyed an...

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Grocers as Food Curators – The secret weapon in online success

Whenever the subject of online groceries comes up, whether in supply chain publications, the mainstream media or just casual conversations among...

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Gabrielle Tiven Brings e-commerce Expertise to LIDD


Adding New York City presence to help growing e-commerce companies build and improve their fulfillment and distribution systems


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The Apple Watch is [almost] here


The Apple Watch is [almost] here.  Hooray! Another gadget for our multi-device connected lifestyles.

Whether you...

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Online Groceries and the Day We Had a Yogurt Eating Contest

At LIDD’s offices, we like to keep our fridge and pantry stocked with food to stave off mid-afternoon hunger or to make a convenient and healthy lunch....

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E-Commerce: Back to the Future

Because e-commerce is a relatively new retail horizon, often business leaders and entrepreneurs think that every aspect of an e-commerce company has to...

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Amazon’s Robots and the Genius of a 44 Year Payback

Amazon’s robots are getting flattering press.  And for good reason: they’re the cutest darned things.

Well, that’s not fair.  According to Amazon,...

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Amazon Hires 10,000 Robots

Geekwire reports (link to article) that Amazon plans to add 10,000 KIVA robots to its distribution centers by the end of the year.

If you don’t know...

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