Trivia - May 2018

Conveyor belts are considered an integral part of many production lines. Originally they were invented to transport bulk items like grains, coal and...

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GUEST BLOG: How Does Automation Improve Distribution Center Productivity?

LIDD welcomes Scott Stone, e-business manager at materials handling provider Cisco-Eagle.  Scott has some thought provoking things to say about...

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5 Things Every Supply Chain Professional Should Know About Infrastructure

Here are 5 things every supply chain professional should know about infrastructure in 2015:

  1. Supply Chain Infrastructure are the buildings, equipment...
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Rubber meet Road, WMS meet Warehouse Layout

The project team sat in the conference room where the CEO sat with his back to the whiteboard.  Ostensibly, we were there to kick off a WMS...

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Amazon Hires 10,000 Robots

Geekwire reports (link to article) that Amazon plans to add 10,000 KIVA robots to its distribution centers by the end of the year.

If you don’t know...

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Infrastructure: Supply Chain’s Missing Link

At LIDD, we’ve decided to make some effort to put “supply chain infrastructure” on the map.

If you google the term “supply chain”, you’ll find dozens...

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Dock Area – Door Design and Trailer Interaction

The dock area is the heart of all distribution centers.  This is the beginning and the end of the material handling cycle.  Dock depths, equipment and...

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Double Deep Racking System to Avoid Rack Damage

Determining which type of material handling methods and storage are required for fast moving and high inventory SKUs is not a simple task.

We know we...

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The Truth About Drive-in Racks in a Non-manufacturing Environment

As described by my colleague in a recent post, a distribution center’s capacity has 3 dimensions – one of which is storage capacity or the amount of...

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