Trivia - December 2017

The Roman Empire is one of history’s greatest civilizations partly because of their awe-inspiring infrastructure. This month’s trivia quiz takes you...

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Trivia - November 2017

This month’s trivia looks back to the early years of tools and machines that helped raise or lift up people or materials.

Enjoy this month’s quiz!

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Trivia - October 2017


Not so long ago, air transport was considered a luxury for the elite. A lot has changed since then. Nowadays hopping on a plane is just as close as a...

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Trivia - August 2017

Canada is renowned for welcoming visitors and newcomers from around the world. Residents and visitors alike thrill to the enormous, impressive...

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Supply Chain and Logistics Trivia - July 2017

This year marks 150 years since Confederation, and the Canadian government is inviting everyone to come celebrate Canada’s linguistic, cultural and...

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Test your Knowledge with Logistics Trivia

Starting December 2012, LIDD will post a monthly quiz covering various logistics topics such as warehousing, trucking, railroads, highways, industry...

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