Roller Skates vs Modern Pick-Line Design


Pickers roller skated between departments at the Montgomery Ward Catalog House. Photo Credit: 600 West Management


Recently, I enjoyed an...

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A warehouse is like a gold mine [Inbound Labor]

Recently, an analyst prepared a slide that had me thinking back to my days as a student,

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Tastes Great... Less Filling! The Battle of Two Slotting Strategies

There are two basic strategies for assigning items to bin locations in a warehouse. In a fixed slotting system, every SKU has a set location and new...

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Ergonomics & Productivity in the Distribution Center

In this Guest Blog Scott Stone, Director of Marketing at materials handling provider Cisco-Eagle  looks at the relationship between good ergonomics and...

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Lessons learned from LIDD's UniPro WMS Assessment Survey

At the end of August, I’ll be out in Sacramento for the UniPro Scope event where I will present the results of a WMS assessment survey that we are...

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The Hidden Costs of Replenishment Triggers

It occurred to me, as we worked with a client who runs a high-volume piece picking operation, that many folks neglect how replenishment triggers have a...

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3 Aspects within Management's Control that Affect Productivity

When looking at the factors that affect productivity in the distribution center, some are out of your control, like the magnitude of volumes shipped,...

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Five Distribution Center Functions in Five Short Stories

1. Receiving

The DC manager of a Texas wholesaler was walking me through the operation. He pointed to that morning’s receipts and said “our philosophy...

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The Truth About Drive-in Racks in a Non-manufacturing Environment

As described by my colleague in a recent post, a distribution center’s capacity has 3 dimensions – one of which is storage capacity or the amount of...

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