LIDD Launches NetSuite Practice

Montreal – October 5, 2018

LIDD is pleased to announce the launch of a new NetSuite-focused practice, to supplement its strong logistics engineering,...

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How Supply Chain Infrastructure Affects Your Performance

Your supply chain infrastructure is at the heart of your business. Its productivity and efficiency help dictate capacity and revenue potential. Here...

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Hidden Benefits of Air Freight

Asparagus grown in South America travels to Australia, by way of North America, and is on store shelves no more than three days after being picked....

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LIDD aide Avril à se préparer pour l’avenir

LIDD est le partenaire de confiance d’Avril lorsque vient le temps de prendre des décisions en matière d’infrastructure de distribution.  Philippe...

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Integrating eCommerce Distribution: Increase Departmental Collaboration

Shifting from traditional distribution to e-commerce, you must develop adequate communication channels between operations and the rest of your...

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LIDD Consultants Inc. Launches US Office in Los Angeles

MONTREAL, QC, January 11, 2018 – LIDD Consultants Inc. has launched its first branch in the United States, opening an office in Los Angeles. The new...

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