Lessons From Seoul

I'm now safely returned from a business trip to wonderful Seoul, Korea. The city is vibrant and beautifully provocative - a journey I would recommend...

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LIDD Launches NetSuite Practice

Montreal – October 5, 2018

LIDD is pleased to announce the launch of a new NetSuite-focused practice, to supplement its strong logistics engineering,...

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Integrating eCommerce Distribution: Increase Departmental Collaboration

Shifting from traditional distribution to e-commerce, you must develop adequate communication channels between operations and the rest of your...

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LIDD Forum 2017: Creating Flexible Supply Chain Infrastructure

Today’s dynamic supply chain landscape presents both opportunities and challenges that business operators must manage in order to remain competitive....

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LIDD Forum 2017

Pondering whether to renew your distribution center's lease or relocate? Considering upgrading your WMS? Wondering how to get the most out of your...

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