Winter safety tips to keep your trailer rooftop free from snow & ice

Now that the first snowfall has blanketed the Northeast, I’m reminded of why I always suggest to our customers that they invest in specialized winter...

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Consignment would be expensive, says the SAQ

An article published in La Presse presents a study done by LIDD in regards to infrastructure requirements for recycling glass in the Province of Québec...

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Big Data Hubris

I was in a meeting recently with the transportation team of a multi-billion dollar grocery chain and it got me thinking back to my days in engineering...

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Road Trip Follows Strawberries Across the U.S. - by Nat. Geo.

As consumers, we do not always realize what is the magnitude of the infrastructure required to support the distribution of our everyday purchases.


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The Panama Canal is 100 Years Old Today - Take our Trivia Quiz

Today, the Panama Canal celebrates its 100th anniversary.  Considered an engineering marvel which revolutionized maritime transportation, the Canal is...

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The First World War and the Birth of Modern Logistics

The 100th anniversary of the First World War is an appropriate opportunity for us to outline the paramount role of logistics in times of war, just as...

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Infrastructure: Supply Chain’s Missing Link

At LIDD, we’ve decided to make some effort to put “supply chain infrastructure” on the map.

If you google the term “supply chain”, you’ll find dozens...

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Did Amazon Just Jump the Shark?

In a gushing profile last week on 60 Minutes, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos announced that the company planned to deliver stuff in 30 minutes or less using...

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The World's Longest Delivery

There's a greasy spoon on the Maine coast that serves the best Irish Benny (picture eggs Benedict with cornbeef hash in lieu of ham).  We were there...

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3PL Trends as it Relates to the Supply Chain

Some questions that I often get from clients are:

  • “Should we outsource our distribution and/or transportation?”
  • “Is it time for us to insource?”
  • ...
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