Winter safety tips to keep your trailer rooftop free from snow & ice

January 08, 2016 BY Mike MacRae

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Now that the first snowfall has blanketed the Northeast, I’m reminded of why I always suggest to our customers that they invest in specialized winter safety equipment to remove snow and ice from their trailer tops.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced this scenario more than a few times each winter: You find yourself driving behind someone who decided they were in too much of a hurry to remove the excess snow and ice off the top of their vehicle before getting out on the highway. As their vehicle gains speed chunks of snow and ice start flying off their hood or roof, landing dangerously close to your windshield. I’ve been lucky so far, unlike other people I know, in that I’ve always been able to slow down before the snow/ice hits my car!

The solution is simple for people driving a car, SUV, or mini-van. Take a few extra minutes and clear your roof please – before you put other people’s lives in jeopardy!

But what can those driving huge trucks and trailers do? Well, there is a slew of specialized equipment available to help you. These tools are quicker and much safer to use than the traditional “ladder and shovel”.

Snow and ice buildup not only increases fuel consumption due to the additional weight, but it can also damage your trucks and trailers, not to mention creating a serious safety hazard if it comes off on the road and lands directly on another vehicle’s windshield.

Several States & Provinces have enacted specific laws addressing snow and ice removal from vehicles. Many more are also considering issuing fines to drivers who fail to obey the rules.

Here are a few companies that provide specialized snow and ice removal equipment:

Yetico (Yeti): This equipment detects the tractor-trailers height and can clear a truck in less than two minutes while breaking up ice that is up to 4” thick. It also shoots the snow and ice up to 60 feet away using a blower.

TrucBrush Corp: provides a broom like device that connects to a front end loader and is powered by the loader’s hydraulic system to clear snow in about 1 minute from tractor-trailer roofs.

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Scraper Systems: provides a system that removes snow as a truck passes underneath like a plow-like scraper.

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Regardless of the system you use, drivers like me will be grateful that there will be one less thing to worry about while driving on the roads this winter.