The Importance of User Acceptance Testing in WMS Integration

Fast Growing LIDD Welcomes New Director of Finance

Original I.T. Solutions for Distribution Operations on a Budget

Preparing a 3PL Request for Proposal (RFP): How to Explain Your Business and Needs

Cantilever Racking System

How to Select a 3PL Partner: Know the Market

Single Deep Racking

Distribution Center (DC) Capacity KPIs

Warehouse Capacity Planning: Size the Pick Line

How long will it take to stabilize our new software?

Seeing LIDD from Seoul

Preparing for the Future: What a Foodservice Distributor Should Do

LIDD Consultants Inc. Announces New Location in Seoul, South Korea

Bulk Storage: Are you using it efficiently?

Groceraunts & the Emerging Alternatives to Broadline Foodservice Distribution

Don’t Lose Your Code; Version Control

Multi-story Warehouses Make a Comeback

Why Testing Your Hardware Pre-Launch Matters

5 Reasons to Assign an Internal Project Manager on Your Next Software Implementation

Setting up an Efficient Central Kitchen

Material Flow: Add a WMS or Deploy ERP Functionality?

ERP Selection Process

Lessons From Seoul

Fundamentals of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

LIDD's Charles Fallon Cited in Inside Logistics' Publication

Driverless Cars:  How a Recent Car Rental Turned Me into a Believer

Why Stakeholder Buy-In is Critical

5 Ways to Master the Unsexy Art of Writing Down What You Need

Operating Capacity for Pallet Racks

LIDD Launches NetSuite Practice

Back-up Strategy: ABC, Easy as 3-2-1

Four Keys to a Successful Project

What Picking Methods Best Suit Your Operation?

How Supply Chain Infrastructure Affects Your Performance

Hidden Benefits of Air Freight

LIDD aide Avril à se préparer pour l’avenir

Merge Considerations in an Automatic Environment

Emerging Consumers are Disrupting for the Food & Beverage Landscape

Trivia - July 2018

Benefits of Voice Picking in Distribution Centers

Supply Chain Infrastructure Challenges That Come with The Canadian Legalization of Marijuana

Rail vs. Truck Shipments

eCommerce Integration: Designing Your Distribution Infrastructure

LIDD to Host 2nd Annual Forum on Supply Chain Infrastructure

Build Flexibility Into Your Distribution Operation

Trivia - May 2018

Institute a Sales & Operations Planning Process from the Start

Shipping to Customers: Courier vs. Truck Load Deliveries

WMS Deployment Plans: Perfect on Paper isn’t Enough

eCommerce Integration: Define Your Customer

Jumping into a Long-Term Relationship: How to Select a 3PL for Distribution

Tips for Selecting a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Trivia - March 2018

WMS Functionality: Resource Planning

KFC with No C: a Logistics Nightmare

Food Start-ups: Generate Smart Data You Can Use

Managing Manufacturing Equipment Installations

Trivia - February 2018

In Network Design & Optimization, Neglect Infrastructure At Your Peril!

Integrating eCommerce Distribution: Increase Departmental Collaboration

LIDD Consultants Inc. Launches US Office in Los Angeles

Two Main Objectives When Designing Your Pick Line

eCommerce Fulfillment: Pick at the DC or In-Store?

A Guide to Establishing an eCommerce Purchasing Processing

Trivia - December 2017

WMS Functionality: Task Planning

Three Guidelines for Planning Supply Chain Infrastructure That Lasts

Trivia - November 2017

Risks of a Poor WMS Selection Process

How 3D CAD Modelling is Useful in Warehouse Design

Storing Liquids in Bulk – A Warehouse Challenge

Selecting the Right Warehouse Software

Improving At-Stop Productivity of Drivers

Math Secrets Behind Subscription-Based Distribution Models

LIDD Forum 2017: Creating Flexible Supply Chain Infrastructure

LIDD Consultants Announces Appointment of Mathieu Galipeau as Project Director

LIDD Consultants at IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference Oct 15 – 17, 2017

LIDD Experts Present at NAVUG Summit in Nashville, Oct 10-13

Developing the Next Generation of Supply Chain Professionals

Food e-Com Start-Ups: Don’t Let Packaging be an Afterthought

Direct-to-Consumer Distribution Can Be a Whole New World

Foodservice WMS Benchmark: Are you maximizing your investment in a WMS?

Trivia - August 2017

Warehouse Slotting: Three Factors to Consider

Developing a Supply Chain Network Strategy

Distribution Network Design

Supply Chain and Logistics Trivia - July 2017

Warehouse Slotting – A fundamental organizing principal in a DC

Pallet Racking Layouts for Irregular Shapes and Sizes

Finding Hidden Warehouse Capacity

Four Great Reasons to Attend the LIDD Forum

Conserving Capital in a Clever Warehouse Design

LIDD Forum 2017

Four Reasons to Attend LIDD Forum 2017

3 Most Common Pitfalls of a WMS Implementation Process

New Warehouse Design? Tips on How to Label Warehouse Racking

Four Key WMS Elements That Need Continuous Maintenance

Trivia - June 2017

What can go wrong when investing in supply chain infrastructure?

The Real Cost of a WMS Implementation

Every Facility Should have an Up-to-date Warehouse Layout

UniPro Scope Conference: May 15-17, 2017

Re-profiling vs. Finger-printing: A Warehouse Racking Layout Dilemma

What Does a Project Commissioner Do?

Why You Should Avoid 9’ Aisles in Your Warehouse Racking Layout

Warehouse Pallet Racking Layouts for Buildings with Wide Column Spacing

Why 40’ Building Column Spacing is Ideal for Warehouse Pallet Racking Layouts

Why Understanding Capacity is Fundamental to Warehouse Design

Three Dimensions of Warehouse Capacity

Optimizing Your Store-Delivery Network: Part 2

Optimizing Your Store-Delivery Network: Part 1

Three Ways Managers Can Control Warehouse Productivity

One of the Most Common Flaws in Warehouse Design

How SKU Rationalization Lowers Warehouse Costs

Why should I care how my 3PL distribution is run?

A Warehouse Is Like a Polling Place

LIDD Launches Real Estate Brokerage

What Story Does Your Warehouse Data Tell?

Roller Skates vs Modern Pick-Line Design

What Will the DC of the Future Look Like?

A warehouse is like a gold mine [Inbound Labor]

Do You Have a ROFO Clause in Your Lease?

Join us at Global Cold Chain Expo June 20-22

What's Your WMS Functionality Score?

Following up on Microsoft Build 2016

Predictive Tasking: A Powerful Tool to Optimize Warehouse Infrastructure

One of the Most Common Flaws in Distribution Center Design

Grocers as Food Curators – The secret weapon in online success

Winter safety tips to keep your trailer rooftop free from snow & ice

How Old Books Can Teach Us New Putaway Tricks

Tastes Great... Less Filling! The Battle of Two Slotting Strategies

Sami Birem, Analyst at LIDD, and his Team Win the APICS Fresh Connection Global Student Final

Honey, The WMS Shrunk Our Cooler!

Gabrielle Tiven Brings e-commerce Expertise to LIDD

Ergonomics & Productivity in the Distribution Center

UniPro Supply Chain & Operations Expo: Aug 25-27, 2015 in Sacramento, CA

NAVUG Summit: October 16th, 2015 in Reno, NV

Jesse Micak Adds Industrial Real Estate Expertise As LIDD Opens Toronto Office

User Experience or Cutting Corners

Pretty soon, every warehouse in the world will be a 3PL

Lessons learned from LIDD's UniPro WMS Assessment Survey

ROI - Return on Illusion

Consignment would be expensive, says the SAQ

The Apple Watch is [almost] here

Target's Canadian Collapse - A Supplier's Perspective

CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly Publishes an Article by Charles Fallon, Principal at LIDD

Online Groceries and the Day We Had a Yogurt Eating Contest

GUEST BLOG: How Does Automation Improve Distribution Center Productivity?

E-Commerce: Back to the Future

5 Things Every Supply Chain Professional Should Know About Infrastructure

Amazon’s Robots and the Genius of a 44 Year Payback

Big Data Hubris

Road Trip Follows Strawberries Across the U.S. - by Nat. Geo.

Rubber meet Road, WMS meet Warehouse Layout

Everything is an Incentive

Implementing a WMS Reality Check

The Panama Canal is 100 Years Old Today - Take our Trivia Quiz

The First World War and the Birth of Modern Logistics

A Parking Garage is a Lot Like a Warehouse

Amazon Hires 10,000 Robots

LIDD Expands IT Logistics Practice by Adding Integration Expertise to Infrastructure Strategy and Design Services

UniPro SCOPE: April 22 - 24, 2014 in Birmingham, AL

Infrastructure: Supply Chain’s Missing Link

Canada's Grocery Wars

Canada Post and the Value of Delivery Operations

trackyourbud [dot] com

Dock Area – Door Design and Trailer Interaction

Sysco + US Foods – The Competition Reacts

Sysco + US Foods Means a New Foodservice Landscape

Did Amazon Just Jump the Shark?

A Guide to WMS Selection

Capital Wasteland

Capital Wasteland

Don't Tie Up Capital in the Wrong Solution

Thank a Distributor for the Food on Your Plate

e.Coli outbreak highlights need for product traceability

Harvard Business Review Screws it Up

Low Level Order Pickers

The World's Longest Delivery

A Guide to Warehouse Slotting

The Hidden Costs of Replenishment Triggers

UniPro Supply Chain & Operations Expo: May 14-16, 2013 in Houston, TX


Double Deep Racking System to Avoid Rack Damage

The Vicious Circle of Picker Congestion

LIDD Consultants Hires Steve Zerter

E-Commerce Distribution in a Web 2.0 World

3 Aspects within Management's Control that Affect Productivity

3PL Trends as it Relates to the Supply Chain

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Five Distribution Center Functions in Five Short Stories

LIDD Continues to Support ROFDA

The Truth About Drive-in Racks in a Non-manufacturing Environment

Ketchup in the Cooler - How to Know When You've Got One SKU Too Many

How Pick Lines Affect Distribution Performance

Foodservice Metrics

Three Dimensions of DC Capacity

Thinking About Risk in a Thunderstorm

You Should Know

You Should Know