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Distribution Center (DC) Capacity KPIs

November 12, 2019 BY David Beaudet
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Warehouse Capacity Planning: Size the Pick Line

November 05, 2019 BY David Beaudet

Many supply chains grapple with SKU proliferation while working to lower inventory levels. The result is that pick lines – the size and arrangement...

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eCommerce Integration: Designing Your Distribution Infrastructure

May 29, 2018 BY David Beaudet

When introducing e-commerce into your DC, you’ll need to consider pick line configuration. While some instances may warrant picking web orders...

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eCommerce Integration: Define Your Customer

April 18, 2018 BY David Beaudet

When planning to transition your business from a wholesale/retailer model to an e-commerce business model, it is best to start with the end in mind –...

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KFC with No C: a Logistics Nightmare

March 06, 2018 BY David Beaudet

Two thirds of the UK’s KFC restaurants have been closed for almost two weeks due to chicken shortages. The logistics provider, DHL, took on the...

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Integrating eCommerce Distribution: Increase Departmental Collaboration

February 06, 2018 BY David Beaudet

Shifting from traditional distribution to e-commerce, you must develop adequate communication channels between operations and the rest of your...

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eCommerce Fulfillment: Pick at the DC or In-Store?

December 20, 2017 BY David Beaudet

Once you have a clear understanding of what your customers’ shopping experience should be like, you must define the order management process and...

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Three Ways Managers Can Control Warehouse Productivity

March 23, 2017 BY David Beaudet

When looking at the factors that affect warehouse productivity, some things are out of your control,

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One of the Most Common Flaws in Warehouse Design

March 21, 2017 BY David Beaudet

If you’re expanding or building a new distribution center and think that maximizing storage density in every possible way will give you the biggest...

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Roller Skates vs Modern Pick-Line Design

August 25, 2016 BY David Beaudet
Pickers roller skated between departments at the Montgomery Ward Catalog House. Photo Credit: 600 West Management

Recently, I enjoyed an...

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