LIDD's Charles Fallon Cited in Inside Logistics' Publication

November 15, 2018 BY Gabrielle Tiven

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LIDD expert Charles Fallon was featured recently in Inside Logistics magazine. Writer Treena Hein delved into how automation in infrastructure facilities is often misused.

Falling in love with someone or something cool and new is natural, but while it may be exciting, it also carries risk.

For DC managers or company leaders who become infatuated with wondrous-sounding automation solutions, it can be a truly deadly mistake.

“History is littered with the casualties of companies that fell in love with technology or designs that were disconnected from real market demand,” Rob O’Byrne, group managing director at supply chain consulting firm Logistics Bureau, noted recently on his firm’s website.

Besides disengagement from the needs of customers, there are other serious reasons why companies fall prey to mistakes relating to automation – mistakes still being made today across the globe.

To find out more, we contacted three experts: Charles Fallon, principal at consulting firm LIDD Supply Chain Intelligence in Montreal, Quebec; Jeff Christensen, vice president of product at Seegrid, a provider of connected self-driving vehicles; and Nick Klein Schiphorst, director of business development at Dematic Canada. Read on to learn their take on why companies go wrong and some of most common examples of automation misuse from the past and present. They will also discuss particular types of automation and other factors that typically lead to misuse, and how firms should go about automating correctly.

Why does misuse of automation happen?

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