Seeing LIDD from Seoul

June 13, 2019 BY Louis Levesque

20190603 - new korea office

All Quebecers know the song “Ma vie à l’heure” by the band Les Respectables, a great upbeat song about escaping with your significant other to a far-away destination. The lyrics, when translated, go as follows:

If there are things I like from here,

They’ll be more beautiful viewed from there.

Although this blog is not about escaping with your loved-one to the western provinces of Canada, the lyrics reminded me that by going far away you realize what is good about where you come from. When LIDD participated for the first time in the 2019 Korean Materials Handling & Logistics Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, it was easy to see how the methods we developed in North America can offer something unique and powerful to an entirely new market.

LIDD stood out at the trade show for several reasons:

Data rules all

At LIDD we deal with huge data sets so often that they simply become second nature. But when a potential client asks why we need this data, you realize that not everyone makes infrastructure decisions based on actual operating data. Most other consultants at the Korean show were either trying to sell their proprietary systems or recommend the flashiest and most capital-intensive options on the market. Data mining is the basic step that helps you grasp the state of your operations and what needs must be addressed, regardless of personal bias.

Your operation defines the solution

One speaker at the show had a very convincing presentation about material handling systems. He compared all the reasonable options based on different criteria: cost to implement, cost to maintain, productivity etc. Grading each system on a single axis from good to bad. Very reasonable! Or so it seems…but what’s good for one operation might be bad for another. At LIDD we consider a second axis – your operations. The most advanced automated shuttle system, for example, cannot reach the productivity levels the vendor advertises if your business doesn’t have the right volume and isn’t a good fit.

LIDD’s holistic approach

Exhibitors in the tradeshow showcased their specializations; step out of their scope of expertise, however, and you are on your own. LIDD understands businesses and the full range of logistic problems they may face. Our team includes analysts, designers, developers, consultants and real estate brokers. Having this large array of professionals in-house ensures that we grasp the full extent of your situation.