Improving At-Stop Productivity of Drivers

November 02, 2017 BY Charles Fallon

20171030 - delivery 2 cropped.jpg

Continuous improvement is necessary to provide a good customer experience. LIDD shares how it helped a client increase delivery productivity and improve client services.

The Situation – With an aging fleet, high fuel prices and driver shortages all contributing to a need to find transportation efficiencies, a foodservice and convenience store distributor turned to us to help uncover opportunities.

Issues & Decisions – With 30% of a driver’s time spent making the delivery at a customer’s location, we identified pallet building and truck loading processes that would reduce the amount of time taken to assemble each order in the back of the truck.

The Results – Reducing the time required to deliver an order not only increased the number of deliveries each driver could make in a shift, but also improved the customer experience by reducing the time needed to receive a delivery.

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