Three Ways Managers Can Control Warehouse Productivity

When looking at the factors that affect warehouse productivity, some things are out of your control,

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Roller Skates vs Modern Pick-Line Design


Pickers roller skated between departments at the Montgomery Ward Catalog House. Photo Credit: 600 West Management


Recently, I enjoyed an...

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A warehouse is like a gold mine [Inbound Labor]

Recently, an analyst prepared a slide that had me thinking back to my days as a student,

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One of the Most Common Flaws in Distribution Center Design

If you’re expanding or building a new facility and think that maximizing storage density in every possible way will give you the biggest bang for your...

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Tastes Great... Less Filling! The Battle of Two Slotting Strategies

There are two basic strategies for assigning items to bin locations in a warehouse. In a fixed slotting system, every SKU has a set location and new...

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Ergonomics & Productivity in the Distribution Center

In this Guest Blog Scott Stone, Director of Marketing at materials handling provider Cisco-Eagle  looks at the relationship between good ergonomics and...

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User Experience or Cutting Corners

Every six weeks or so, it seems this photo (or variants of it) takes over LinkedIn feeds and other places on the internet.  The comment threads it...

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GUEST BLOG: How Does Automation Improve Distribution Center Productivity?

LIDD welcomes Scott Stone, e-business manager at materials handling provider Cisco-Eagle.  Scott has some thought provoking things to say about...

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Amazon’s Robots and the Genius of a 44 Year Payback

Amazon’s robots are getting flattering press.  And for good reason: they’re the cutest darned things.

Well, that’s not fair.  According to Amazon,...

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A Parking Garage is a Lot Like a Warehouse

A small event on a recent afternoon in Boston got me thinking about storage capacity in the warehouse.

After a late lunch in the North end, I was back...

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